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Information on some of my VR projects :

Flying Aces VR
This is my main project, and will my first full VR game release (coming in 2016). This game started out as an experimental side project, born from exploring the idea of modding 'Combat Helicopter VR', changing flight dynamics, weapon mechanics, and game assets, to create something different with minimal changes to core engine/game code. Info and gameplay trailers here.

(Untitled) First Person Shooter Prototype
A project inspired by soon to be available wireless tracked '6DOF' hand controllers designed for VR. A sci-fi themed FPS, it features game mechanics, environmental interactions, and weapon aiming, designed to take full advantage of 'hand presence' and more realistic interactivity in virtual spaces. Videos and screenshots here.

Combat Helicopter VR
Combat Helicopter VR is an arcade/action style game currently in development for the Oculus Rift. It puts the player directly in the cockpit of a modern day attack helicopter, facing off against land, air, and sea based enemies, in structured, mission based campaigns.
More info and gameplay videos here.

(Untitled) Off - Road Racing Game
A chaotic, demolition themed VR racing game for the Oculus Rift, featuring violently agreessive AI drivers, and downright dangerously designed race courses devised to cause maniacal motoring mayhem. More info and gameplay videos here.

Flight Sim Project VR
A somewhat experimental project, this is a virtual reality flight simulator that allows you to fly around various realistically rendered real world locations. Some very primitively modeled aircraft and landmarks combined with satelite imagary create a surprisingly convincing and compelling experience. More info and gameplay videos here.

Retro Invaders VR
Written in a couple of weeks, during the summer of 2013 as an entry in the Oculus/Indiecade 'VR Jam 2013'. Start by playing 'Space Invaders' in VR, but stay with it until after the 'game over' screen, as this is when the real experience starts. More info and gameplay videos


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