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September 21st , 2014 (Sunday, the day after the Oculus Connect conference)

Daniel (from Sweden) and I had arranged to meet in the hotel lobby on Sunday morning for breakfast at 10am, thinking most people would have left the hotel/area at that point. I had invited one or two other people, and so had he since then, so imagine our (pleasant) surprise when we found out that it had been posted on Reddit and 17 people showed up. So we marched accross Hollywood blvd (photo), and on to Mel's Diner again, for what can only be described as the best (and biggest) breakfast I have had in a long time, with really great company who were all still ecstatic about the past weekends activities (photo). We posed for a few photos outside Mel's and again outside the Loews, and sadly said our goodbyes to most people who would be leaving the area.

As much as I didnt want it to end, here it was. Without exagerrating, this has been one of the memorable weekends of my life (if not THE most memorable). Meeting so many people, who like me, where deeply committed to, and excited about VR, experiencing demos of Crescent Bay, Samsung Gear VR, STEM, other developers projects etc., attending talks by and even meeting some of my heros, and just generally being around the buzz of this conference has been a life changing event, something I will never forget. I will return to my work with a newly enhanced sense of determination and focus, the future is coming, and we (Oculus VR and the VR developer community) will make it happen.

Thanks you to everyone I met, talked to, laughed with, shook hands with, eat with, drank with, befriended, opined with, exchanged business cards with, those who inspired me, those who tried my demo, those who demoed their projects to me, to everyone I shared this wonderful experience with. Go forth and develop for VR!

See you all in the metaverse, and in meatspace at the next conference,


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