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June 2016 : My first full VR title 'Flying Aces VR', has just recently been successfully 'greenlit' for distribution on Steam, and will be coming soon to 'Early Access'. Thanks to everyone who voted for and supported this game during the Steam Greenlight process! View the Steam page here (browser) or (Steam client link) here.

May 2016 : This is a trailer for a prototype FPS shooter I started in 2015. I was inspired after using the Oculus Touch controllers at OC2, and wanted to design a game that could make use of them for interacting and aiming, amongst other things. The recent release of the Vive and it's motion controllers, have motivated me to continue working on this.

February 2016 : I was an exhibitor @ VRUK Fest in London, demoing Flying Aces VR. I documented the event with a short (and shakey) video (4th floor only). The second half of the clip emphasizes people playing Flying Aces VR. Thanks to everyone who tried the game, and gave great feedback on it.

December 2015 : I have just returned from a week long trip to London where I attended a few VR related events. Firstly, I demoed 'Flying Aces VR' at the Bossa Studios VR meetup (video). I also attended the VR London meetup (video). Additionally, I met some fellow VR developers @ PlayHubs and played with their HTC Vive setup (video ->).

October 2015 : More postings about the recent Oculus Connect 2 conference.
Here is a write-up about my first demo of Oculus Touch controllers.
My conference video diary is here.
I have also compiled a video of some of the most inspiring moments of the conference here.

September 2015 : Returning from the Oculus Connect 2 conference has again left me feeling exhilerated and inspired. I'm glad to have met and shared the experience with both old & new friends alike.

My photo's from the conference can be viewed here.

August 31st 2015 : Released a playable (Alpha 1.0) demo for my side project 'Flying Aces VR'.

You can download the demo (143MB) from Oculus Share or from wearvr.

Apr 2015 : Released a new teaser trailer for main project 'Combat Helicopter VR', promoting upcoming release of playable Alpha 2.0 demo.

Apr 2015 : Released a new teaser trailer for side project 'Flying Aces VR'.

Dec 2014 : I was recently interviewed by Cris Miranda from EnterVR. The podcast can be heard here.

Nov 21st, 2014: released a playable (Alpha 1.0) demo of Combat Helicopter VR, built on SDK (beta) & compatable with DK2 & DK1. Download it from Oculus Share here, or from Rift Arcade here, or from here.
Rift Arcade have written a "hands on" article here, and VRfocus have written a short article here.

Sept 2014 : I just got back from the Oculus Connect developer conference in Hollywood CA. Wow! For me this was the experience of a lifetime, the people I met, the demos I experienced, the things I learned, and the gernal buzz of the conference, will have a lasting effect on me. I return feeling reinspired and reinvigorated.
I have created an album with my photo's from the Oculus Connect conference here. My blog/diary/braindump of the whole Oculus Connect weekend can be read here. A shorter, more digestable extract from my blog about my 'Crescent Bay' demo is here.
Here is a video of me trying out the Stem VR controller prototype @ Oculus Connect Conference ->.


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